MTX2HTML Version 1.5.5

This is version 1.5.5 of, a Perl script for Mac/DOS/UNIX.
It replaces the file found at:


MTX2HTML is a program that builds complex HTML pages from simple text files. This
update includes support for embedded QuickTime movies; additional text styles:
big, small, superscript, subscript; and page description meta tags. The current
release is always available at:

Why use MTX?

MTX is a powerful tool for creating World Wide Web documents. It has several
advantages over other approaches including:

Source files are easy to create and maintain No special editor or editing skills
are needed Stylistic and functional elements are consistent across all documents
Repetitive and complex tasks are automated Many high level functional components
are available

You should consider using MTX if you need to:
Convert existing word processing documents into HTML Create and manage large
collections of HTML documents Integrate HTML documents from several sources and
authors Create interactive question banks with instructional feedback Create and
distribute presentation slides for lectures

Using MacPerl by Matthias Neeracher, can be saved as a
"droplet" allowing drag and drop conversion of files.

MacPerl is available at:

Path: /www/exparrot/

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