PaginationPal 2.0 demo

PaginationPal is basically a three-fold application.

1) PaginationPal is a tool for building a single or two page layout for
ads, small books, and/or catalogs in QuarkXPress. Use to create a
configurable template for QuarkXPress to set up bleeds, trims, spine
widths, and shingling. PaginationPal can be used to produce templates for a
number of other projects such as envelopes, letterheads, posters, and etc.

2) You can use PaginationPal to create a form that can be used to keep
track of production stages, notes about production, create folding dummies,
etc. You can also export the form to Quark.

3) Use QuarkManipulator to:

* Zap RGB (remove red, green and blue from color palette)
* Remove Guides on Page
* Guides In Front (one click option to going into preferences)
* Guides in Back
* All Colors to CMYK (convert spot colors to CMYK)
* Make a 13 or 21 Step Grayscale
* Measurement Selector(change document ruler)
* Make Guide (accurate guide to nearest thousandth of ruler scale)
* Set New 0,0 (set 0,0 to nearest thousanth of ruler scale)
* Make custom colors (process or spot)
* Convert text box to picture box or vice versa.
* Get Font List (printable list of fonts used in document.
* Hide and Show all Palettes.

System Requirement.

* Macintosh System 7.0 or greater (System 7.5 preferred).
* QuarkXPress? 3.2 or greater (3.32 preferred).
* AppleScript? 1.0 (1.1 preferred).
* 3.5M of RAM for PaginationPal 680x0 version.
* Approximately 3M of free disk space.

Can be included on CD-ROM

Path: /www/exparrot/

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