WANG Computer

This historical curiosity I picked up at a school. I'm not entirely sure what it does or how it does it.

It sports 3 racks of 2 boards each, labelled KILL, UNISYS-ASYNC-9600, and PROGS.

It has 4 RS232C ports, 3 of which are connected. It has 4 proprietary WANG terminal interfaces.

On powering it up, I get the lights on the front blinking.

I've taken to calling it a "mainframe" but I have no idea what it really is. Any extra
information (model numbers, processors etc....) would be appreciated.

Photo gallery:
WANG Mainframe - 11WANG Mainframe - 12WANG Mainframe - 9Wang Mainframe - 10WANG Mainframe - 7WANG Mainframe - 8WANG Mainframe - 9WANG Mainframe - 5WANG Mainframe - 6WANG Mainframe - 4WANG Mainframe - 2WANG Mainframe - 3WANG Mainframe - 1

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I'd be willing to bet it's either an original Wang WPS Word Processor, or one of the smaller Wang OIS (Office Information Systems) systems.

Write the guy who runs this site a nasty letter telling him to chmod his images o+r:


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220 ESMTP DOS 5.0 1.1.0beta; Tue, 2 Mar 2004 17:09:13 -0500 (EST)
'May I help you?'
EHLO Hello [], pleased to meet you
250-SIZE 15000000
250 HELP
MAIL From: SIZE=1364
550 5.7.1 ... Access denied

Someone needs to send him a strongly thought telepathic message to set up his mail server properly Blum 3

- Michael "trouble at the mill" Fincham

Those boxes were used for hooking modem lines into the Wang system to enable remote communications. Each of the dual coax connectors has a corresponding RS-232 port. Hook a system such as a VS 1000 onto the coax, hook a modem up to the RS-232 port, then across the street (or country) hook modems onto the remote controller, and hook the coax to a printer, terminal, etc.

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When my dads company (Honeywell) and WANG teamed up in his building, I saw a lot of the controllers that they used. (the branch was in Nebraska). Huh... Nice to see one of those things again

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As an addendum:


The WANG is back Smile

Everything has its uses Smile

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What is it about the internet that so strongly motivates people to post high-resolution photos of their WANGs for just anyone to see? ;^)


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Shucks, it looks like I deleted my original highest resolution Photoshop image, so here's the best I can do at your behest, Eudi:


I sold the cards and drives to a guy a couple of months ago on eBay:
my Wang auction
I reluctantly threw away the case (it was quite nice), but I've still got the power supply. Thought I might put it up for auction too and see if anyone bites. Wang made some impressive machines. The heavy metal case was very tactile to the touch. I always had the strong urge to go over and try the Vulcan mind meld with it while it was all in one piece.

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Wang made some impressive machines. The heavy metal case was very tactile to the touch.

HC, that's just too easy a setup, and I'm not going there. Acute

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Well, as you can see by his high resolution photo, Ex-parrot realized that, for it to be truly appreciated, the proper placement of an impressive Wang machine is in the upright position. I forgot to mention that, along with the power supply, before throwing the case away, I also removed that wonderful iron bar bracket you can see on the bottom of the Wang server which kept it upright--just in case I discovered myself with some use for it someday. I was thinking of painting it blue, for reasons unknown and unspeakable.