Ubuntu Linux 5.10

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Ubuntu Linux 5.10

Well, I finally decided to try out Linux for the Mac. I've never had much luck with Linux in the past on PCs. Dependencies, hardware issues, you guys know what I mean. I have a PowerBook Pismo, which runs Mac OS X acceptably but not as fast as I wanted. I already have a Mac and a PC (for games only I swear hehe). I thought maybe the reason Linux gets so much bad press is because of the incredible range of hardware it has to support on PCs. Everything (well almost) made for PCs is made with Windoze in mnd. Keeping that in mind I thought Linux for the Mac would be much easier to develop considering that there is a much narrower range of hardware to support. I tried Kubuntu first. Its terrible. The GUI is a disaster and it runs as slow as molasses. Its not my computer, I have a gig of RAM. I didn't give up and tried Ubuntu. Seamless setup, even with my Airport card. The Gnome environment is quite nice (no Mac OS X though). I think its a pretty good alternative to those of us with aging Macs who can't run Mac OS X as well as they would want to, and who don't want to use Mac OS 9 since its lost all but a small shred of support. I'll get off my soapbox now hehe.

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I agree, I dislike Kubuntu's

I agree, I dislike Kubuntu's interface immensely but the underlying core of the OS is still identical to Ubuntu. You can actually have both environments installed concurrently if you like.

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