FS - 8100/100

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FS - 8100/100

I have an 8100/100 that I would like to sell for $10 + shipping ($20-$30 depending on where you are).

It has 122mb RAM, a one gb HD, 8x CD drive, OS 7.6, 2 network cards and 2 video cards.

Its in pretty good condition except for the following things -

The blank drive bay bezel is kinda falling off, so I have it secured with masking tape.

The programmers button (the one above the reset button) isnt there.

The power LED isnt there.

Otherwise, its perfect.

Here are some pictures - http://www.john8520.pweb.info/files/Picutures/8100/

and some smaller pictures - http://www.john8520.pweb.info/files/Picutures/8100/small/

I'm in washington, NC 27889

please PM me here or send an email to john8520(at)cox(dot)net