A/UX ethernet module... which one?

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A/UX ethernet module... which one?

OK, I found the modules in


found this explaination
ao - Built-in interface for Apple Ethernet.
as - Apple Ethernet NB Card (a half-length card).
ae6 - Apple EtherTalk NB Card ( a full-length card).
ac - Apple Ethernet NB Twisted-Pair Card.

here: http://www.geo.tu-freiberg.de/docs/apple/aux/aws95_readme.html


which one works on the SE/30 with the IIsi Asante ethernet card (Mac Con)?

Anyone? Thanks!

PS ok, in the Faq it says:
[i] Now A/UX includes drivers for the Apple EtherNet card (they aren’t installed by default though), but they don’t work with most of the 3rd party cards except for the 3Com “EtherLink NB", the Asante “MacCon