404 (A Poem)

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404 (A Poem)

(Composed while contemplating my tofu and vegetable vietnamese crunchy noodles...)

Once upon an evening dreary
Whilst I surfed the 'Net so weary
Over many quaint and ponderous webpages galore

Without so much as even thinking
The blue letters that should be linking
Did I click and hope that perhaps I should find something o'er
Only this, and nothing more

When all at once Safari was choking
As if the Internet was joking
As webpages came up blank upon my poor G4

To add insult to this blank page of choice
I forgot that my dear Mac had a voice
A seductive Monroesque voice did whisper "HTTP four oh four"
Only this, and nothing more

Oh, now how I remember
I think it was this past December
That I decided to delete my pages that had I felt a'bore

But woe this fate I knew uncertain
Who left this link should be a'hurtin'
And perhaps draw the curtain upon this wretched eye sore
Quoth my computer, "four oh four"

Perhaps a book I should be readin'
Rather than watch this stupid, bleedin'
Internet that has become a grand old mess and more

Or maybe I'll mess with all my widgets
Than have to suffer through all these idjots
(Who probably are not mental midgets though they've left me a little sore)
And simply avoid error 404

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I always forget that I have v

I always forget that I have voice notification of system alerts turned on too... It scares me to hear a loud female voice shout "Hey, look up!" (my preprogrammed opening to an alert reading) start at 2am.

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Very nice! I composed little

Very nice! I composed little error message haikus for my website a while ago. Let me find the 404 one...
"Aaaaagh, it can't be!! The dreaded error 404!

The page can't be located. Sorry, this stuff happens sometimes. Try checking to see if the address is spelled correctly.

The page could be lost
The internet is quite large
I hope it comes back"

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Another poem

Hey ! this forum is becoming growing ground for poets. Lots of budding poets are displaying their skills here. It is good. But,it should be limited.

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You're New Here, So Allow Me To Explain...

This particular forum is a catch-all... you name it, we talk about it in this forum. It can be pretty much anything, and most of it having little if anything to do with computers (many have been the times I've found myself wanting to write about my other hobbies... and I have plenty).
As a writer, I use poetry as humor quite often (in fact, the forementioned can be punningly called a "Poe-m"... don't think too hard on that one). I also write songs, which are poems set to music. Heck, who am I kidding, I just write. My mind just works that way.
Let me close with this...

These words of mine,
I'm sure you'll find
Sometimes can sound distorted

I take a few,
(That's more than two)
And make verses contorted

It's just my brain
(I'm not insane
Though few will stop and wonder)

These rhymes I write
I know seem quite
Useless and just a blunder

But they're still mine
There's no denyin'
The author (I'm sure you know 'im)

And when I die
I'll even sigh
One long and twisted poem

Nyah! Blum 3


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Kind of a cool aside, the def

Kind of a cool aside, the default browser for BeOS, NetPositive, had haiku error messages for everything. A little simpler than your poem, but still entertaining.

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