what dvd burner is best for my pismo?

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what dvd burner is best for my pismo?

I'm looking into getting a dvd burner for my pismo, and im wondering what would be best. The two that im looking at are on newegg.com One is a sony model dwq58a and one is a pioneer model dvr-k16. Im just wondering if anybody has had any personal experience with these drives and what compatibility issues am i loking at?

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go for a slotload model . . .

rather than a trayload, no pesky tray popping out the side to get in the way. I've got the Pioneer DVR-K05 and I love it. Current equivalent model is the DVR-K06.

Also, see my EBM-upgrades page for EBM-upgrades-type infos. Also, stop by xlr8yourmac's drive upgrade database for others' real-world experiences with just about any drive you care to name.

dan k

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