WTB: Duodisk drives in good condition. Also looking for...

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WTB: Duodisk drives in good condition. Also looking for...

Hi all!

I'm interested in purchasing a DuoDisk drive for my A2E Platinum. I'm fairly new to the Apple IIe world and also would like to know if I need a special card for the Duodisk? The A2E that I just purchased comes with a floppy drive, so I'm assuiming it has a disk drive card installed. Anyhow, please contact me if you have a Duodisk in nice shape with little to no yellowing. My email is johndraugr [at] soznet [dot] net.

I'm also looking for a nice condition color printer like the Imagewriter II. Again, I'm new so I don't know too much about the Apple II line of printers, but I will mention this. I'm a collector and also a user of my collections. I try to keep my setups looking authentic. Saying that I'm not interested in some new ink jet printer from HP, or something. I'd like to get a color printer (preferably from Apple) that works good and if possible where black & color ribbons or ink carts can still be purchased on the web.

Finally, I'm interested in joysticks. I'd liek to get some info. Do I need a special card for joystick support? What are some of the better joysticks for gaming? For example games like Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Hardball, etc...?