FS: eBay Mac Classic 1MB memory card

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FS: eBay Mac Classic 1MB memory card


Description c/p'd:

The Macintosh Classic has 1 MB of RAM on board, which might not be enough for your nostalgic gaming requirements, or for later versions of the system software.

This card has another megabyte of RAM, which will bring your Classic to 2MB. The card has slots for two extra (not provided) 30-pin SIMMs. Using these will bring your vintage Macintosh to 3 or 4 megabytes of RAM, depending on whether you're using 512k or 1MB chips.

Opening your Macintosh Classic to install this card is not simple, but if you're determined or already have the tools, this is the memory upgrade for you.

Buyer pays USPS flatrate shipping ($4.05)