What memory fits Ibook G3 500mhz?

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What memory fits Ibook G3 500mhz?

Will 512 266mhz sodimm work with my ibook g3 500mhz? or does it only use pc133?


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iBook G3/500 memory

PC100 or PC133, 144-pin SO-DIMM
128, 256 or 512 MB

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the 266's were for the ibook G4 and on

so it won't work in it. Like cwsmith said, it's have to be either PC-100 or 133. I think even a 64MB will work too, as i was able to pull one out of my Pismo (had a 64MB PC-100) and threw it in my ibook 900 one time (g3, last to be produced of those series)

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