OWC 533 Zif

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OWC 533 Zif

Well its closet cleaning time again (and I just filled it up)

A OWC 533 Zif CPU. A working pull from a Beige G3 DT. the machine was powered up and checked. The CPU showed to be a 533 in the system profiler. This CPU will also work in the B&W G3 and its guarrenteed NO DOA
$40.00 shipped

A Apple PowerCD. A nice working unit that comes with the Remote, AC adaptor, Stand for the player that also holds the batteries if you are where there is no AC power. This unit is very clean and works quite well as I have been listening to CDs with it. It does not have the external speakers or any of the cables for SCSI hook up
asking price is $60.00 Shipped


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Is the OWC 533 Zif a G3 or G4

Is the OWC 533 Zif a G3 or G4?

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