I Book "Clamshell" - Can 1.3g G4 Logic Board Fit.

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I Book "Clamshell" - Can 1.3g G4 Logic Board Fit.

Clamshell + G4 Components = Stylish yet workable.

i heard that they might fit, if not the G4 the G3's for sure, but wanted a higher at least 1ghz. although some said the LCD wouldnt work, but you can buy replacment LCD's for the G4 so thats not a problem, is there anything else that wouldnt work. or is the G4 Logic board simply too big for the clamshell, i am prepared to take it to the chop shop. any insite would be helpful. maybe a point in the right direction

has anyone done this befor?

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forgot to note, the ibook

forgot to note,

the ibook is 12 inch..but the g4 1.33 is 14inch so that wont fit.. unless it will?! whats the highest 12 inch logic board for the Ibook? 800? or 900?

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They ain't ANYTHING alike, so the short answer is no.

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Some thoughts

This is a project that I have considered doing. Here's the commonalities
1) similar battery connector, though it'll take some wiring skill that I don't have
2) same 12" display
3) same position for optical drive and dc-in board

The roadblocks
1) the board is a completely different shape
2) the keyboard and top case/trackpad won't connect properly
3) the lvds cable and reed switch/inverter cable are not going to be long enough
4) logic board positioning and cable length - the shapes of the board are nothing alike
5) hard drive location

Fortunately, I stopped well before whipping out the dremel. It'll take someone with too much time, energy, and money to make this work. Sadly, the closest that you're going to come from a modern clamshell in the Mac World is the MacBook (most rugged consumer laptop since the clamshell), and there's a similar shaped machine in the PC world.

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The display isn't the same. T

The display isn't the same. The clamshell iBook has an 800x600 LCD and the white iBook has a 1024x768 display. The sleep sensor also will very likely not work, later iBook G4s might not work at all with the ADB keyboard/trackpad, the case probably won't have good enough ventilation for the processor, HDD, and GPU, and there's tons of other issues I'm sure I'm missing. I definitely agree with iantm that it's not worth it. I also agree that the MacBook feels very rugged.

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there's another issue. either

there's another issue. either find some way of getting the heatsink near the vents (with a very good fan), or make some freakish custom heat pipe heatsink that would cost far too much.

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