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Favorite Computer Jokes

Q: How do you get a cisco certified network admin off your doorstep?

A: Pay for your pizza!

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A master was explaining the nature of Tao to one of his novices. "The Tao is embodied in all software--regardless of how insignificant," said the master.
"Is Tao in a hand-held calculator?" asked the novice.

"It is," came the reply.

"Is the Tao in a video game?" continued the novice.

"It is even in a video game," said the master.

"And is the Tao in the DOS for a personal computer?"

The master coughed and shifted his position slightly. "The lesson is over for today," he said.

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So I was doing some programmi

So I was doing some programming on the mainframe the other day. It was not going well and I had all kinds of problems.

So on the way home I stopped by the mad scientist shop. I walk over to the brain section to see what is in stock. I see the following brains:

Engineer: $9.99 /Lb
Artist: $12.00 /Lb
Physicist: $13.38 /Lb
Mainframe programmer: $208.99 /Lb

I am just flabbergasted, and figured it must be a typo. I call over the shop keep and say "Hey there is a misprint on the Mainframe programmer sign". He says nope it is correct. I ask what’s the deal and why is it an order of magnitude higher than the others?

He said "Oh, that’s because it has never been used before"

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