FS: Vintage PowerBook 520

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FS: Vintage PowerBook 520

Excellent for a collector or a vintage technology enthusiast, this computer is in good working order, powers on and boots up. The battery, however, is dead. The case shows signs on normal ware and tear. A rubberized plastic foot on the case for tilting the powerbook is broken. This computer includes original manuals and software floppies.

Sold as is $20.00 (negotiable) plus shipping from Durham, NC 27701
Contact me at michael.trybyATgmail.com

Items included for sale:

  • 68040 @ 25 MHz
  • 240 MB Internal Hard Drive
  • Memory expanded to 36 M RAM
  • System 7.5

  • External power supply and cords
  • One intelligent battery -- dead

Instruction Manuals:
  • PowerBook Getting Started Manual
  • PowerBook Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Macintosh System 7.5 Upgrade Guide
  • Apple Remote Access User's Guide
  • Apple Resource Guide

Software (on 3.5 inch floppies):
  • Install Me First
  • Additions
  • Disk Tools
  • Goodies
  • Printing and Fonts

  • One Dayna EasyNet comm port adaptor
  • Slim black nylon padded case with shoulder strap

Tech Specs: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbook/stats/mac_powerbook520.html

Condition -- Used:

  • Computer powers on and boots up
  • Battery in dead
  • Plastic foot for tilting case is broken on right side