Epson CX5200

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Epson CX5200
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I am in need of help, I have a CX5200 I had the blank pages issue, but after dismanteling it I found and fixed the problem. But I also created a new problem. When I removed the printhead docking station or cleaning station pieces just fell off without taking note of how it came apart. SO I have a bunch of piece that mean nothing to me. I will attach a pic of the parts in question and they did all come off this part. Is anyone able to email me a blown up picture or schmactic of the part so I would be able to re assemble it? Or else a bunch of different angle pictures of a assembled one would help. The part I reall have no clue where it goes is the wire spring. But I am also afraid that not putting it together right when I turn in on it will get torn to pieces. Any help would be appreicated! Thanks