For sale: 1U Rackmount 2.4GHz Celeron Servers (I know, I know... It's a PC) - $200

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For sale: 1U Rackmount 2.4GHz Celeron Servers (I know, I know... It's a PC) - $200

A company I recently worked for is changing directions this month and is selling off a ton of 1U Servers. They're a good enough deal that I figured I might as well see if anyone wants me to snag one for them. I left back in June but I can still get these if people are interested.

These were all built by hand. We bought the Case/PS, and all the components separately and built them in-house. As such, these cases can take almost any ATX motherboard if you feel like upgrading. A low-profile CPU cooler is included and will work with most P4/Celeron CPUs.


SuperMicro SC512 (~19" Wide x ~15" Deep x ~1.75" (1U) Tall)
* 200W PS with ATX and P4 plugs
* Supports almost all ATX motherboards (Upgradeable, not proprietary)
* 100% copper low-profile CPU cooler with low-profile ducted fan
* No place to put removable media in case (FDD/DVD/CD)
* 2 USB ports on back
* Enough room and power inside to install a second HDD

MOBO: Biostar U-8668-D - Info here:
* On-board VGA, Sound, Game, 2xUSB, PS/2, Serial, 10/100 NIC, and Parallel ports
* USB Bootable

CPU: Intel(tm) Celeton(tm) 2.4GHz

HDD: Western Digital 80GB

RAM: The two I got yesterday came with 512MB, but can't guarantee anything more than 256MB - I could swear most of them had 256MB when we built them. DDR 333MHz

Availability: There's more than 90 of them, but if they're not snagged up soon, they'll probably get shipped to California. I am picking up another batch of them for some local friends on Monday the 23rd.

Shipping Weight - ~15LBS - I weighed myself on a scale with and without holding one of these. Might be + or - a few pounds. My postal scale stops at 3LBS. I'm shipping from 66061 if that helps you calculate shipping costs. Available for delivery (I'd appreciate gas money) within the greater Kansas City Area (Anywhere within a box formed by: Hillsdale KS, Leavenworth KS, Independence MO, and Belton MO)

Cost Per Unit: $200 firm plus actual shipping costs. Paypal preferred due to time crunch. (for inquiries or paypal email Webmaster - at - focushacks - dot - com)