Hayes Micro Modem II Phone Jack

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Hayes Micro Modem II Phone Jack

I have any issue, I bought a Hayes Micro Modem II and it didn't come with a phone jack, it came with a cable instead. The cable has nine pins that connect to teh hayes modem card. Does anyone ahve the schematics or any information on this cable. Or does anyone have the cable jack for the hayes micromodem II. Thanks

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Hope this helps!

I have just got one of these in the box with all the parts are you missing the microcoupler ? the black box that is outside of the apple II to connect to the phone wire? picture for reference here http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ac/Micromodem_II_in_Apple_II.jpg
if you need some close up pictures of something I also can try to do that for you if it would help.


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