iBook G3: battery & power questions

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iBook G3: battery & power questions

I have an iBook G3 600 (16 VRAM) that suffered a bad power surge and was left for dead (wouldn't boot, no lights on power adapter, etc). I recently tossed a different battery in it, and it booted right up - it apparently can no longer run off of the AC adapter or charge, but can run fine off a battery.

I've tried several DC-IN boards, but it doesn't fix the issue (and sparks, quite a bit) - I think the PMU is shorted out in a spectacular fashion.

I'm trying to use this thing for a media jukebox project, so I really don't care about portability at this point. What I would LIKE to do is lose the battery, then try to wire a power adapter through the battery terminals and power it that way - does anyone know if this might be possible? If anyone has a pinout for the G3 batteries, I would appreciate it.

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Re: iBook G3: battery & power questions

Any luck with this? I've got the same issue with a "box of parts" iBook G3 I just got and I wanted to do the same sort of hack... even if it involves butchering an old battery. The problem that I'm running into is that both the computer and the battery circuit ignore voltage if there aren't batteries present.

Any success? Any pointers?

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