OS 9 themes - Where to look?

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OS 9 themes - Where to look?

I am still trying to figure out how to customize my G3 Blue & White. But right now, i am focusing on where to get the Appearance themes for OS 9. I have seen that apple has been a real a****** about that, and have sent out cease and decist to websites that host these. I tried resexellence, but they changed hands, and now the site is being redone.
As far as icons from IconFactory, they are now putting the old Classic icon's in .DMG Images!!! that's not going to help people that need them for OS 9, by moving it to an image only OS X can open.

Can ANYONE tell me where I can find themes for OS 9? I really want to avoid shareware things, as I don't feel dropping money onto an old OS so I can make it look nice.

Much thanks for any comments you leave below. I just thought it would be nice to customize Classic...

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oh, one more thing...

what are some MUST HAVE apps for OS 9? I am still looking for a way to make OS 9 worthwhile to boot in. for the record, i have a 450MHz G3 B&W with 512MB Ram, and an 80GB Hard drive. It should be more than enough to run most applications of it's time fairly easy.

I don't care if they are shareware or not. I just want to try them out. If it's worth buying, i will go ahead and buy them. But having to pay for theme software is pushing it...

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Apple came down on sites that

Apple came down on sites that were hosting the unreleased Apple-coded Gizmo and Techno themes (was there a third one...Paper?). I'm not aware of them bothering with home-brew themes, or ResExcellence would have not enjoyed such a long, successful life.

And outside of ResExcellence, I'm not sure where to look. ResEx was the the tops for icons and themes. It's a darn shame that the site's last management drove it into the ground.
Apparently the site's changed hands again (as of a couple weeks ago) and their plan is to put back up all the original content. Guess it's wait and see...

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Basic Freeware

Freeware you're probably already familiar with:

DIMM First Aid
Gauge Pro
SCSI Probe 5.2
ATTO ExpressPro-Tools 2.8.1

Slide Freebie 2.1
JPEG View 3.3.1 (Doesn't render as many forms of JPEG as Slide Freebie, but does a better slide show)

iTunes 2.0.4

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Also have a look at [url]http

Also have a look at http://www.pure-mac.com. Its full of classic shareware and freeware.

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there is a little app called

there is a little app called kaleidoscope that can be used to add themes to OS 9. its a nice lil app and there is tones of add ons to it even more OS X looking ones some that look identical to OS X. i have a few also

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