Wallstreet on eBay form Surplus Exchange

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Wallstreet on eBay form Surplus Exchange

This is from one of my favorite places to buy equipment. I know the tech that posts their eBay stuff is very picky and honest in his descriptions. The item sold is as he describes it.

Wallstreet G3 266Mhz/128MB/20GB/14.1", needs TLC - starting at .99 bid $25 shipping.

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Basically the same specs as m

Basically the same specs as mine except I have 384MB/40GB.

Not a bad deal if it stays under $100.

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nice, I just spent $160 on a

nice, I just spent $160 on a 14" 300mhz 64mb wallstreet with a PMU issue (might be a simple reset), with 2 batteries, AC adapter, and the DVD kit (drive and PC card). I have a 40gb hard drive, 128mb stick of ram from my old WS (for a total of 192mb), and a third battery.

you might be able to get that battery to work if you use battery reset 2.0. Also, I know someone sells hinges made from steel, not the pewter alloy like the stock hinges are.

-digital Wink

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