I'm jealous of me, too...

For now I'll just post: Portable, original case, manuals. Great shape, no boot yet. Cost: one of you probably knows, but it was WAY less that it's worth. Wink


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Using info from http://www.applefritter.com/node/9864 I used a 5651 2.0A adapter from my pile without the SLA and RAM card and it powers up the harddrive and boots to a Sad Mac with

I'm having trouble figuring out what it's supposed to mean from the lists online.

EDIT: With the 24W M5652 3.0A adapter it will power up the same way, along with the RAM card and dead SLA battery installed. The original adapter only got partial chimes and constant reboots.

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[reconsiders jealosy for a moment]

...hope that works out for you there, chief...

[/reconsiders jealousy for a moment]


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Hehe. I know... I was just so happy with a clean and good condition machine. I was hoping it was a simple dead battery but it seems not, and I can't figure out how to get it taken apart to check cables and look at components.

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He has been hard to get a hold of lately, but astro_rob has rebuilt one or two, I think. He did not return my last call, but Iwill try to ping him again - like me, he has some 'life' going on, but his is more upward in nature than mine. Wink