DVD Region Hacks

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DVD Region Hacks

Ok, put a slot loading CW-8122 Matushita drive in my slot loading imac. Yey! So ive been playing around with it for a few days and, as i expected, it wouldnt work with my korean region 3 dvds. So ive been googling and found 4 different mac firmware updates for the drive. When i try to use them, it just says something along the lines of "Your computer does not need this update." Any help guys??


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Seeing as what you are trying to do is of questionable legality, i don't think you will find much help here. Region coding is a form of copy protection and whatnot, and thus goes against the spirit of AppleFritter.

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I'm not arguing with the stat

I'm not arguing with the statements you make about the legality of the desired action, but come on, the spirit of AppleFritter?

Sheesh. It seems to me that AF is specifically about making your Mac do things it is not supposed (or designed) to do. If this "hack" is not in that spirit, then I must be very confused...


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There's nothing illegal in ow

There's nothing illegal in owning a region-free DVD player.
The only reason the region coding exists was a failed attempt by the movie studios to control DVD releases vs. theatrical releases by geographical region. Nothing to do with copy protection.

And if it were illegal, it would be violating Applefritter policy, ie - what we have to enforce to keep out of legal difficulties.

I think Alk defined part of AF spirit very well.

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region reset
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