There used to be so many...

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There used to be so many...

Now days we all "surf the net" downloading files, posting in forums, researching information etc. I remember my first online experience was not the internet, but the old dialup BBS's. My first modem was an external 1200 baud hooked up to my Apple IIc and this was state of the art compared to the guys with the 300 baud modems Smile My next modem a 2400 baud unit was quickly followed by a real speed demon (at the time) a U.S. Robotics 9600 baud modem.

I worked for a small company in the late eighties and my boss got interested in the BBS scene so we set up a BBS on one of the office IBM's running Wildcat! BBS software. When we closed for the day the BBS went online. We had a lot of good times running that BBS.

What got me thinking about the "old days" was finding my 9600 baud modem and ProComm software the other day rooting around in the attic. I hooked it up last night to my IIgs and it still seems to work.

Does anyone know if any Apple based BBS's are still operating? or have BBS's completely disappeared?


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Hi, There might a few aroun

There might a few around the are up at times.
Here is one from my friend Luddite. May only be online at nights 780-374-3595 Not sure if the old modems work with the new VOIP.

Take Care

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i remember chatting in aol ch

i remember chatting in aol chat rooms back when they were actually chat rooms, people would talk about real things and it was cool... then it all went sour....

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Wow! Another fossil! Can't help with a BBS contact
(I remember them, though) but welcome to the board
here! I thougt I was the oldest "fossil" here! Smile

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There's a few other old farts

There's a few other old farts around here Wink

A friend of mine had a Pocket Modem for the old 8-bit Ataris: 300 baud max.

I didn't get into the BBS scene until the 2400 bauds were available.

I was actually reminiscing with my wife the other day (we met on a BBS through mutual friends) about the sound of the modem, the busy signals because only one person was able to call and log-in at a time, and of course spending 10 minutes to download something with a filesize that measured in kilobytes...and the inevitable disconnect when someone downstairs picked up the phone when the file was 99% complete.

Still amazes me how it's changed so much in such a short time.

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my dad used to use his old at

my dad used to use his old atari 800 to dial into BBSes back in the early 80's, and trade stocks. He still has that thing. I don't know if he still has the modem, and some jerk stole all the cartages. I know he still has the floppy drive, so he may still have the software. If I ever get the thing working again, i'll have to get it on a BBS. Right now the thing only boots to the built in notepad. The memory is maxed out however.

-digital Wink

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