Krusader Toolkit pre-release needs testers

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Krusader Toolkit pre-release needs testers


Despite spending 5 weeks travelling for work plus an enormous number of additional distractions, I have found time to get my new "Krusader Toolkit" sufficiently complete for independent testing. If anyone is interested in giving it a try, please PM me. Once I am happy with the quality I'll put it on my webpage.

The Krusader Toolkit is a 3 part software package, containing an assembly source editor, a terminal window and a Apple-1 emulator. (Java 1.5 is required to run it.)

The editor automatically formats source as required for Krusader, and lets you save it as text, or in the Krusader internal format as binary, Woz-monitor hex or Intel hex. It has some simple format validation as well. It is able to interpret some more general source formats automatically upon loading or pasting and converts them on the fly. You can run it connected to the Replica 1 serial port (either the built in one or using fsastrom's faster serial port) and it will transfer the source data between the computer and the editor. This feature can also be used to transfer the source directly to the in-built emulator where it can be assembled and tested before sending it to the actual computer.

A simple terminal pane for connecting to the Replica 1.

The core of the integrated emulator is based on my version of the Pom-1 emulator.

This is definitely still pre-release quality. There will be bugs, oddities and missing features. But it is close to completion and I find it very useful already. Full source is available.