Apple II GS problems

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Apple II GS problems

Hey guys, NOOB here so watch out. My niece has my old IIGS and it won't boot anymore. It will give an error 0063 while trying to load a file. Sorry cant remember what file.
I have no idea how to work this beast but I tried putting in some OS disks and it says I need AppleDisk3.5 driver on a boot disk. Anyone have this?

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First I do not know what the

First I do not know what the code means.

Does this IIgs have a HD of some sort?

If so what kind?

The GS/OS boot disk is one of the 6, 6.01 disks. It is the one with the system on it.

Was this sitting for a long time?

If so, With the power off, unpluged from the wall open up the case touch the power supply. Now, reseat all the socketed chips, by pressing down on them. Take the memory card out and do the same if it has socketed chips. Clean the edge connectors of all the cards. Now reinsert them in the.

A self test would help tell you more, unless you have a Transwarp card.or a zip card.

Before truning on hold these3 keys down, option, control, open apple. No turn on it should cycle and in the end system good.

Take Care

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