What is the 30 for in the mac SE\30?

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What is the 30 for in the mac SE\30?

I just wanted to know why the 30 was in the name of the Mac SE\30. Did it mean anything? I'm just curious.

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The 30 denotes the 68030 that

The 30 denotes the 68030 that powers the SE/30. Originally, Apple was going to go with the same naming convention for variants of the SE as they did with the II series. As the SE/30 was essentially an all in on IIx, it was originally going to be the SEx, but that wasn't going to go over well in 1989.

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it meant there is a 68030 inside. There is actually a story behind that. Originally, Apple wanted to designate an X on the end of models that had a 68030, maybe because the early 68030 machines could run A/UX?

Anyways, they had the IIx released in 1988, and then the IIfx, and the IIcx. Well, as you can imagine, having a computer named the Macintosh SEx did not go over well with marketing, so they took the last two digits in 68030, and the SE/30 was born.

this kind of makes it confusing, since some of the regular SEs had their configs printed on the front. I have never seen one myself, and have heard these models are rare. One Example of this is the Macintosh SE 1/20, which designated it had 1mb of RAM, and a 20mb HD. Here's a picture of one:

I have heard these were only sold in Europe, so kinda rare in the US. I know I have a rebranded Macintosh SE FDHD which is named Macintosh SE Superdrive, which was used at the end of it's production, and is slightly rare. Same internals, different name.

It's funny, i'm an expert on the SEs, and yet my FDHD and superdrive were dead from day one. I really want a collection of all of the SEs.

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back in the early 90's when i

back in the early 90's when i was young and my step dad worked for an insurance company, an SE30 was his home machine for dialing into work. i can remember playing "Play Maker Footbal", "Earl Weaver Baseball" and "Shuffle Puck Cafe" on that machine. the other thing i remember about it was the 40mb external SCSI drive he had labeled on the desktop as BigGuy and the internal was HalfPint.. ohh the memories....

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