Multi I/O Board now available for Apple 1 and replica 1

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Multi I/O Board now available for Apple 1 and replica 1

I've finally had time to finish the Multi I/O Board. The board has a true serial port running at 19,200 BAUD, two 8 bit bidirectional I/O ports (for I/O experiments, such as LED's switches, relays, etc) an EEPROM programmer addressed at A000-BFFF for the 28C64 8K EEPROM's and an optional socket for a speakjet speech chip so your apple 1 can talk! The speakjet is a $25 chip so it is not included. I just always wanted my replica 1 to talk. Anyways, with the serial port a hack of the Woz monitor has been done and you can now run a modified version on the serial port at 19200 BUAD rate. It screams. You can dump the entire contents of RAM in just a short period of time. Downloads are FAST!

Here's a picture of the board:


The board shown doesn't have the rs232 interface chip or the capacitors installed but they are included. I'm still working on photo's. The kit is $75 and the assembled is $99. For the replica 1 you will need a 3 slot expansion board or the new replica 1 to apple 1 slot adapter ($16). This is a limited run so don't miss out.

More information is here: