CodeWarrior Versions?

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CodeWarrior Versions?

Back in the day, I used CodeWarrior to learn C++ on 68k Macs and the first PowerPC Macs. Since then, I've done a little fooling around with other languages, but I'd like to get back to C or C++. I'm looking into buying a copy of CodeWarrior (probably on eBay), but I have no idea what versions are what. For instance, what the heck is the difference between CodeWarrior, CodeWarrior Pro, and CodeWarrior Gold? And which version is as near to current as possible? Is there a version that runs on OS X? What is the last version for OS 9? Which is the last version that targets 68k?

Any advice?

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Back in the day, I used CodeWarrior to build applications for the Palm Pilot and the Mac. It is no longer the day.

Today, I would use MPW to build for pre-OS X. And, I use the Apple Developer Tools to build for OS X which includes a derivative of GCC.

I've also used GCC to build for Palm OS, and other platforms.

Back even before the day, the other C/C++ tool I used was Think C which was acquired later by Symantec.

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