When to sell your computer stuff?

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When to sell your computer stuff?

I didn't do particularly well on my recent eBay auctions, and at the same time I picked up on eBay a QS PSU for $46, and watched another sell for $37--way down from the normal $75 to as high as $200 they usually go for, so a word of warning, now may be not the best time to be selling on eBay. Time of year, perhaps? Buyers aren't around? Might be a buyers' market? Anyone know if there's consistent times of year when to sell and when to wait? Any other strategies for selling?

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ive been tryin to sell a stic

ive been tryin to sell a stick of 256mb laptop ddr ram, to no avail. Sad so i feel ur pain!

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I time my auctions to end som

I time my auctions to end sometime around 9-10:30 pm EST on a Sunday night.

A long time ago, so I can't remember the source, I found advice that Sunday nights were good, and to try and aim for when most of the time zones your shipping market (US/Canada for me) are post-dinner, but pre-bedtime.

I've done pretty well with this over the years, and have even done well buying items in off hours, and flipping them for a small profit in that time period once I've got bored with the item.

Of course, that doesn't always work out. Holidays mess it up. Summer, too.

Then there's the usual advice about writing an informative description, pictures are a must, and never try to be funny unless it's a funny item.

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Sunday definitely

I agree with eeun on all counts - Sunday between, say, 8PM and midnight Eastern Time always seems to work well, and is recommended on several auction-interest sites (FWIW).

I also find that certain times are deader - mid-summer when folks are on vacation, and February, when all the January post-Xmas returns-exchanges-bargain-hunting is done with.

But even with all that, it's often a crap shoot. Selling a 256MB RAM module for $10, for example, isn't going to be a slam dunk no matter what. If you search Completed Auctions on eBay you might find a number of them have sold at your asking price. But you might also find that a lot more haven't sold at all, at any price. Sometimes there just aren't enough buyers in the market to make the risk of incurring eBay fees worth it - the average price might be $8 (just to pick an example), but in actually that average might be derived from 100 recent items selling for $10-$20 and another 100 selling for $0 (i.e. not selling at all).


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As i can judge from my experi

As i can judge from my experience the best time for selling is summer and february. At least during these periods i had most beneficial sells.

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Usually by the time my old ha

Usually by the time my old hardware has reached that point I try to give it away, and if nobody wants it, I drop it off at the local computer recycler.

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