How to valuate an Apple II original?

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How to valuate an Apple II original?

Hi - I'd like to buy an original II, but I'm having trouble estimating the cost of a base system. I've heard and read anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Can anyone shed some light?

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You've heard good estimates.

You've heard good estimates. There are lots of factors that play a role in how much an original II machine will fetch:
* Physical condition
* Presence of original Integer ROMs
* Lower serial numbers (< 1000 especially so)
* Revision number of motherboard
* Silver vs. Gold power supplies
* Toggle switch vs. rocker switch power supply
* Old-style vs. new-style power lights
* Number of bidders that particular week
* etc.

eBay isn't the best guide for "value," really - dumb luck and the presence or absence of a collector who wants a particular machine right that minute play big roles in how much a machine will fetch. A patient buyer will do better than an impatient one.

Let it be known in your community that you like the old machines, and sometimes you'll get lucky and someone will have one in their closet that they don't want taking up space any more.

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