12" Powerbook RAM

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12" Powerbook RAM

I just got an original 867MHz Powerbook G4 to use when I'm out so I don't have to risk damage/theft to my MacBook Pro. I've decided to go ahead and max it out in RAM. It calls for 200 pin PC2100DDR. If I were to get a stick of PC2700DDR that was 200 pin, would it be backwards compatable? The 2700 is a little easier to find and also cheaper from what I have found so if I can I'd rather get some of that.

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Most, but not all, DDR RAM wi

Most, but not all, DDR RAM will clock down to lower speeds. If you stick with a name brand (Crucial, Kingston, etc.) you'll probably be fine.

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If possible, get the memory from a vendor that'll guarantee it'll work in your Mac, and after installing it boot the hardware test disk (if you have the one that came with the machine) and run the memory test a few times to make sure it's okay.

Speaking from experience, the early Aluminum machines were *really* picky about RAM.


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