Having 2 power supplies on 1 PC

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Having 2 power supplies on 1 PC

I know it's possible to have 2 PSU's on 1 PC. I've seen it in many servers. I was wondering, is there a way to put 2 PSU's together on 1 PC? Here's what I mean. I plan on buying a better graphics card, but I'm not sure my PSU has enough wattage to support it. I'm afraid I have to much crap in my computer, and when I add a new graphics card, the PSU will overload. I was wondering if I could install a second PSU and mod it so that I can add the wattage from that with my other PSU. Is this possible or should I just buy a better PSU? I would like to know. I am very curious. If my explanations weren't clear, just say they weren't and I'll make them clear. Thank you.

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i have done this myself. basi

i have done this myself. basically how i had it set up was this:

Antec 330w running just the mobo.
mini atx 150w plugged into the video card extra power in (if so equipped) and running the hd's and cdroms.

you will have to connect the turn on lead of the PS to the other PS turn on lead so they will come on together.

beware though that if the voltage is very different between the two PS's im sure the system wont like it much. this is at very least a mediocre fix till you can get a bigger PS. A new PS these days can have 2 rails of 12v at around 18amps each and not cost an arm and a leg and would be plenty of juice. keep in mind that wattage isnt everything. my current PS is a 600w but only has a total of 29 amps, where as the PS im lookin at getting is still 600w but has 4 rails @ 18 amps each. hope that helps!

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Servers with multiple power s

Servers with multiple power supplies have special power distribution boards that regulate the voltage and current from the power supplies. Furthermore, multiple power supplies in a server are for redundancy, not capacity -- you can lose one power supply to a failure and the server keeps running. I don't know of any power distribution boards for desktop applications -- I'd just buy a new PSU.

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