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I have a UJ-845F and I wanted to know that it is the difference between the UJ-845F and the UJ-845E / C / B / S. ???????

In my powerbook G4alu, I have :

Révision du programme interne : DFN9
Interconnexion : ATAPI
Gestion de la gravure : Oui (lecteur livré par Apple)
Cache : 2048 Ko
Lecture de DVD : Oui
CD gravables : -R, -RW
DVD gravables : -R, -RW, +R, +RW
Stratégies d’écriture : CD-TAO, CD-SAO, DVD-DAO

Also ,I wanted to know, if my drive burn DL ??

I do not manage to change my firmware, I want to pass from DFN9 to DBN9 or D100.

thank Cordialement !

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Ok, since no one has tackled this problem for an answer

and the fact that I am up late tonight doing various stuff.

I did a search across the web and went through dozens of pages. I have seen everything from "it's the same, but apple crippled it because of price" to "Apple Crippled it for power reasons. I.e. Dual Layer burning took too much power"

I think the power option is probably the most viable (I *DO* Believe that when it switches to dual-layer, I think it has to boost the power on the laser to reach the second layer) which could prevent them from running it in Dual layered mode. Or I have also heard that heat may be an issue. Setting that aside, since NO ONE has come out with a hack, it has to remain that. There is no option for upgrade. I suggest, if you want dual layer burning, get an external FireWire of USB "Portable" (not desktop) if you need it on the go. Some of these will work just off the firewire or USB ports as they may not need extra power. They will cost a bit more, but you can avoid going into a machine you may not want to go into (some PowerBooks are easy to work on, the smaller ones are harder)

You can probably find something on NewEgg.com such as these:
PLEXTOR Silver USB 2.0 External Super Multi-Portable DVD Burner Model PX-608CU
The drive above WILL do Dual Layer discs. It's more expensive than if you were to replace your internal, but it takes the hassles away of having to take apart the laptop to install it.

It seems to be a good drive. Some people say the ports move around, but from the general notion, it seems to be downright solid as a drive. Also, your laptop should be able to boot from it if I recall correctly about PowerBooks (remember, iBook G4's couldn't boot from USB, but the PowerBooks COULD) I hope this helps to answer your question. Sorry it wasn't a definitive answer, but until someone figures out how to super-impose the firmware from the DL drive onto the SL drive, You are SOL. If worst comes to worst, just go buy an external USB 5.25" Case and throw a cheap burner in it. besides, if you are burning Dual Layer discs, you will want to be plugged in, so when you do, you will have an outlet to power both the laptop AND the drive.

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