Apple II stuff for sale.

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Apple II stuff for sale.

hey guys , i know people are always looking for apple II related products , and I have a ton of stuff just sitting here ....

Apple IIC Metal Stand
3 Apple II+ bodies , all in excellent condition
3 or 4 Disk ][ Floppy Drives

and a ton of other small misc. stuff , mostly for restoring your Apple II , and ofcourse
well over 500 floppies , alot of copied stuff from years ago , and alot of it is on its way to being transfered to .dsk format for use with applewin , this way I save the data from being turned to dust. So any ways , if anyone is interested in the above items , I will let them for for just the cost of the shipping , if this can help someone else with their apple II projects , well that's great then. And believe me , for $5.00 to $10.00 shipping , it's well worth it , ;o)

See ya.