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I'm searching for answers trying to fix my car no my new car its new to me but it's a 2000 with DOHC it will overheat so I replaced thermostat still doing it the hanes book well IT SUCKS i mean bad im now short not stupid i hunt and peck at this computer thing but i can drive again so i buy a car that has legs that i dont and the piece of $$$$ over heats i buy a book to fix it and it gives barely enough of info i end up here I need help my hands work I'm smart enough to fix it my SELF water pump is my next move I need to know what to do like extra things I have to take off to put my new pump on

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Two questions come immediately to mind:

• Why search for auto repair advice in a computer-related (Apple-centric) user forum?
• Does your keyboard have punctuation keys (i.e., commas, periods, question marks)? If so, please use them.

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There is at least one user he

There is at least one user here that knows the Focus, and another that owns one. ax0n does work on, which would be the best place for your inquiry.

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