68kmla.net Down Again?

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68kmla.net Down Again?
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Hey all,

So the 68kmla.net domain now is "parked" by the registrar. The 68kMLA forums seem to be gone, at least for the moment.

The WHOIS database says the current domain registration runs out today (Aug 14 08) - so I guess the registrar yanked it at 12:01AM GMT or something like that?

Seems a little strange - I've been a day late now and then renewing a domain, and NetSol, 000Domains, and GoDaddy all seem to have an unwritten grace period build in.

Has anyone else found out anything about this?


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Same here

I went in earlier today and was going to login to post a thank-you note and noticed that.

A few days ago there was a post for donations. I have no clue if any were collected.

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Sorry about that guys...

Sorry about that guys... for some reason when the domain was renewed the nameservers got reset to their default values. They were changed back this evening so the site should be available when the DNS records propagate. Until then you can get at the site via:


Coincidentally this has nothing to do with the request for donations... just bad timing! Well, the domain needing renewed was the reason for the request for donations, but it would have been renewed even if we hadn't received any Wink


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