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Streetstyle iBook

Hi, this is my iBook mod. Although I'm aware of the 2 or 3 other threads covering this hack, I figured I would publish my own anyway. Basically, I was given this iBook by a person that was no-where near PC or MAC savvy. He had no idea where to start in order to use this laptop. Myself (at the time) had never even seen a Mac or an iBook before, proving it also a challenge to use this machine. Long story short, this laptop ended up being the BEST device for taking notes during class. Due to it's tiny size and capability, it suited my needs perfectly for a in-class "notebook". The only problem was, everyone had nice shiny new "cool looking" laptops and i was stuck with this plain white one...

I was instantly hooked by the EVE and Chameleon mods, and was inspired to create my own iBook mod...

This mod must be the simplest and best mod i have ever fallen upon I consisted of extremely simple steps. I will share a few tips and pictures:

-this does take up about 2-3 hours to complete so make sure you have a movie or entertainment set up while you do this.
-Scrub with a TOOTHBRUSH(ES) (i have found that cloths did not work at ALL for me)
-Once the cover seems transparent, rinse with water and place over a dark colored object in order to triple check that there are indeed no more particles of paint left.

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Streetsyle iBook

I like!

I loathe the fact that my MacBook is white, but I wasn't going to pony up for black; that, and I got it at a good price. Maybe a layer of transparent plasic over the top and a bit of art?

-- Macinjosh

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