Ap64-e Eprom Burner Card.

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Ap64-e Eprom Burner Card.

hey everybody....

looking for anyone that has any experience with old eprom burner cards for the apple II+? I have here a AP64-e Eprom Burner. The files that I have are in BINARY , they appear to be 10 KB? Any how , I tried BLOADING the files into memory , started off at BLOAD A$,4000 and from this point I turned on the burner card , did a READ and entered the address , which I would imagine would be 4000? Then I went to WRITE , it asks for the STARTING ADDRESS: so I put in 4000 , after all was said and done , it compared and written correctly. These files are just images of the Apple II+'s ROMS , D0 , F0 , F8 , etc..... So is there a safe and correct address to load these into so that there is no confusion? OR is there a way to find out exactly where these files start in memory ? I normally do a FP and NEW before loading the files in , if this will be of any help.

Thanks again.

PS , I read the freaken manual , but the manual that came with it pretty much sucks.... LOL