FS: Rare Apple Bandai Pippin @World (Black)

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FS: Rare Apple Bandai Pippin @World (Black)

I'm selling a black Apple/Bandai Pippin @World. Very high on the
rarity scale. The white Pippins are hard to come by (except maybe in
Japan), and the black @World is even harder to come by.

Boots up well. I found an original unopened PEASE Turbo CD (from
Japan) and used that to boot the system. My Japanese is limited, but
it did show some folder icons and looks more like a desktop system
than a game console. I was able to launch a Space Invaders game from
one of the folders, but didn't pursue exploring the folders
exhaustively. There seems to be some network-related folders there,
but I really don't understand Japanese that well.

Has video output connections for VGA, S-Video, or Composite (NTSC and
PAL). I tested it with a small LCD monitor (not included in the

I have the original run-down box for it (see pictures) -- but from the
looks of the Quick Installation sheet, I am missing the power adapter
to the external modem (I may have used it for something else, but it
should be easy to find one from RadioShack, as if a modem is still
useful nowadays) and the keyboard -- I think I'm missing the keyboard,
although the Quick Installation sheet has no picture or reference to a
keyboard. No software as well.

I know I had a lot of Pippin stuff back then, but the only Pippin-
related item I've found so far is a white unlabeled game controller
(could be a prototype?) -- it doesn't have any Pippin labels on it,
but is exactly the same as the black controller. I'll include this in
the package. I know that I also have a rare 8MB memory card for it
somewhere, but because of its small physical size, I most likely have
misplaced it. I really wish I had more spare time to search for these

The black Pippin @World is way higher in the rarity scale and I'm
looking at $420 shipped double-boxed for the lot, including the white
controller, and the PEASE Turbo CD. The rare PEASE Turbo CD is worth
about $50 on itself and may have more information about the Pippin --
networking, multimedia, etc. I know it sounds expensive, but it's a
tested working vintage system that's very hard to find.

Check out the item that sold for $300+shipping (without the outer box)
at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280282746755

Pictures at: http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSBandaiPippinAtWorld#