Advice on Power Line Conditioner Brands?

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Advice on Power Line Conditioner Brands?

I'm currently shopping around for some middle/high -end A/V electronics (LCD/LED TV monitor, Bluray player) and have become aware that a power conditioner is desirable to ensure the long life of these components. Does anyone here have experience/advice on brand selection? Here is the list of some brands that I've been looking at for their various models;

-Tripp Lite
-American Power Conversion (APC)

The local supplier (Willy's Electronics) lists only Tripp Lite on their site (an endorsement?). A scan of CNET reviews didn't reveal any actual reviews, just the basic company supplied info on each model. Thanks in advance.


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I've had a lot of good luck w

I've had a lot of good luck with APC products. Otherwise, I've read in many places that Panamax power conditioners are excellent.

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Power Conditioner; or surge s

Power Conditioner; or surge supression?

They are two vastly different things. As far as surge protection / Battery Back up APC (a local company to me. Smile ) makes pretty nice products.

As far as protection equipment - Panama products are outstanding.

But it sounds like you are looking for power conditioning; and if you want to do a TV, etc (especially an LCD TV - which can throw a LOT of noise back on the AC lines) I would recomnnd something like the PS Audio Power Plant


and their Power Port Premier

there are a great deal of A/V sites out there that will give you REALLY hyper critical reviews of different power conditioners.

The Shunyata Hydra is also a good power conditioner

here is a comparison

and here is a DIY semi - hydra somewhat work-alike:

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Thank you for the great info!

Hi guys,

This site's users are the best! Thanks for the opinions, reports and references. I will try to use them well.


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That DIY conditioner looked c

That DIY conditioner looked cheap, and easy. I'm thinking about building a few for my family, we have terrible power lines, in fact some of our stuff is so bad it can only be plugged into certain outlets.

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