trying to get rid of 20th anniversary mac.

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trying to get rid of 20th anniversary mac.

Ok I'm trying to get rid of this thing here, so I guess I'll start with

the bad: the cd rom mouth falls off if you open it, and it doesnt read CD roms anymore. The power chord has a little fatigue on the plug but still works. It doesnt have the original touch pad or keyboard, but it has some that work. It has marker writing/stickers in various spots around it. I think it's missing a back cover? or maybe that was just an option and they didnt all come with it. the lower right hand corner panel covers.

the good: system boots up fine, it has some mac os version before X (i'm not a mac guy), the speakers and subwoofer are crisp and clear, the LCD looks good, no clusters of dead pixels, or any dead pixels that I can see, but I could be wrong, the TV out works fine, and I just discovered that the remote for my AT&T U verse works on it!! no programming needed! it powers up with "power" and ytou can control the volume! wierdness!, I think it has 10 gig, 128 mb of ram. it also has the onboard LAN. I read this is capable of OSX if you upgrade the ram/HD.

heres a 15mb video of me booting it uo, then getting an error because I improperly shut it down, then booting it back up! haha.

make me an offer I can't refuse. shipping on this beast would most likely be like 45 bucks.

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How much you thinking? Got p

How much you thinking? Got pics?

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