iMac 333 with external ATA DVD Drive

Trying to replace the tray loading drive with non Apple CD/DVD drive



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What were the steps required to accomplish this?


Well... I didn't really accomplish yet. I post this image to insert in my forum posts, just to show it to applefritter's fans. Connect the drive is siple: you take off the original cable and the original CD drive. Connect the HD with a ordinary flat cable and put the second connector out as you see at the picture, and connect the other CD/DVD drive. You'll need some power. I advise to not duplicate the power cable (you may "overcharge" motherboard). I use a disassembled external case, using only the power cable from it.

Voila... you got a cheap DVD ROM running at a reasonable speed, not the 6X from the USB 1.1.

But iMac doesn't recognize it as a bootable device! I still cannot reinstal my MACOSX. If you got some ideas, please let me know!