FS: Apple IIgs Woz + Transwarp GS

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FS: Apple IIgs Woz + Transwarp GS

Selling one of my IIgs -- Woz edition, including a Transwarp GS and a
standard IIgs memory card with 256KB. There's a slight break in one
of the cover latches (shown in the pictures), but the unit works
great. Haven't used this in a while, but boots up fine when tested
last night. $300 shipped to the lower 48.

Pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSAppleIIgsWozTranswarpGS

I also have several Apple IIgs RGB monitors, some ADB keyboards and
mice, and another ROM3 IIgs. E-mail me with offers if you're
interested on those.

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I want the transwarp card

I wouldn't mind having the transwarp card.....interested in selling just the card?

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