Games Software for Sale

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Games Software for Sale


I am dissolving most of my game collection at the moment and wondered if anyone was interested in buying. The first list is below (I need to list out the rest later)

I am not putting prices on as the items vary wildly from rare to common so I am open to offers. Will also trade for Warhammer 40k nurgle items;

(Sorry about the format but I couldn't get it any better from the spreadsheet)


Title Media By System Note
Tree of Knowledge ROM CaAcornsoft Acorn Electron
B17 Flying Fortress Disk Microprose Amiga Corners of slipcase are worn
Supremacy Disk Melbourne House Amiga Missing Poster, Box edges very worn
3D Chess Cass Amsoft Amstrad
Black Magic Cass Datasoft Amstrad
Punchy Cass Amsoft Amstrad
SMASHED Cass Alternative Amstrad
7 Cities of Gold Disk Electronic Arts Apple ii
Age of Adventure Disk Electronic Arts Apple ii
Amazon Disk Telarium Apple ii
Archon Disk Electronic Arts Apple ii
Bard's Tale Disk Electronic Arts Apple ii
Bard's Tale III Disk Electronic Arts Apple ii
Bermuda Race Disk SAMS Apple ii
Crime Stopper Disk Hayden Apple ii Disk and foldover cover
Cutthroats Disk Infocom Apple ii Grey Box
Fahrenheit 451 Disk Telarium Apple ii
Jury Trial Disk Navic Apple ii Disk and foldover cover
Microsoft Adventure Disk Microsoft Apple ii Disk and instruction booklet
Mindshadow Disk Activision Apple ii
Movie Monster Game Disk Epyx Apple ii
Murder on the Zinderneuf Disk Electronic Arts Apple ii
Perry Mason Disk Telarium Apple ii
Space Ark Disk Datamost Apple ii Disk and foldover cover
Space Rogue Disk Origin Apple ii
Lost Treasures of Infocom Disk Infocom Apple Mac Very heavy box!
Asylum Cass Screenplay (All American Atari
Asylum Disk Screenplay Atari
Earthquake Cass Adventure International Atari A1 rerelease
Mordon's Quest Cass Melbourne House Atari
The Golden Baton Cass Mysterious Adventures Atari "Dixons Pack"
The Time Machine Cass Mysterious Adventures Atari
Worm in Paradise Cass Level 9 Atari
Warriors of RAS Cass Screenplay (All American Atari
Xenomorph Disk Pandora Atari ST
Castle of Riddles Cass Acornsoft BBC
Castle Quest Cass Micropower BBC
Doctor Who and the WarlordCass BBC Soft BBC
French On the Run! Cass SilverSoft BBC
Graphic Adventure Creator Cass Incentive Software BBC
Haunted Abbey Cass A & F Software BBC
Last Ninja 2 Cass Superior Software BBC
Map Rally Cass Acornsoft BBC
Nutcraka Cass Software Projects BBC
Rebel Planet Cass US Gold BBC
Village of Lost Souls Disk Robico BBC
Lucifer's Realm Disk All American Adventures C64
Moebius Disk Origin C64 with Headband
Token of Ghall Cass Interceptor Software C64
Mansion Adventure 1 Cass Microdeal Dragon 32
Electron Adventure Cass Micro Power Electron
Armed and Delirious CD SirTech PC
Cautious Condor CD Tiger Media PC
Conflict Freespace CD Interplay PC
Full Throttle CD Lucasarts PC DVD Boxed
Jack Orlando the Director'CD JoWood PC
Kobayashi Naru Disk Mastertronic PC
Monkey Island 2 Disk Lucasarts PC Kixx Boxed rerelease
Monkey Island Madness CD Lucasarts PC CD in j/c only
Of Light and Darkness the CD Interplay PC
Red Alert - The Collector'CD Westwood PC Missing T-Shirt
Spellcasting Party Pak CD Legend PC Compilation Pack
Star Wars Force Commander CD Lucasarts PC DVD Boxed
Syndicate Plus CD Bullfrog PC Includes "American Revolt"
The Dig CD Lucasarts PC DVD Boxed
The Wheel of Time CD Legend PC
Toxic Bunny CD Softkey PC CD in j/c only
A Harvesting Moon Cass Powerplay Spectrum includes "Faerie"
Africa Gardens Cass Gilsoft Spectrum
Ashkeron! Cass Mirrorsoft Spectrum
Assemblage Cass Artic Spectrum
Astron Cass Dk'tronics Spectrum
Avalon Cass Hewson Consultants Spectrum
Black Crystal Cass Carnell Software Spectrum
Blade Runner Cass CRL Spectrum
Book of the Dead Cass CRL Spectrum
Bored of the Rings Cass SilverSoft Spectrum
Conquest Cass Cheetahsoft Spectrum
Custerds Quest Cass The Power House Spectrum
Demon from the Darkside Cass Compass Software Spectrum
Denis through the DrinkingCass ASS Spectrum
Devils of the Deep Cass Richard Shepherd SoftwareSpectrum
Doomdark's Revenge Cass Beyond Spectrum
Double Play Adventure Cass DPA Spectrum "The Moreby Jewels" and "To the Manor Bourne"
Double Play Adventure Cass DPA Spectrum "Orc Island" and "The Swamp"
Dragontorc Cass Hewson Consultants Spectrum
Dun Darach Cass Gargoyle Spectrum No manual (just the loading card)
Encounter Cass Severn Software Spectrum
Equinox Cass Mikro-Gen Spectrum Clear plastic coming away from front of case
Everest Ascent Cass Richard Shepherd SoftwareSpectrum
Eye of the Star Warrior Cass Sunshine Spectrum
Go to Hell Cass Triple Six Spectrum
Golden Apple Cass Artic Spectrum
Golden Hawk Cass Micro Mart Spectrum
Gremlins Cass Adventure International Spectrum
Hampstead Cass Melbourne House Spectrum Sealed
Hareraiser (Prelude) Cass Haresoft Spectrum
Heavy on the Magick Cass Gargoyle Spectrum
HRH Cass Powerplay Spectrum includes "Cuddles"
HURG Cass Melbourne House Spectrum Black Box
Intruder Alert Cass Compass Software Spectrum
Invincible Island Cass Richard Shepherd SoftwareSpectrum
Jewels of Babylon Cass Interceptor Software Spectrum
Journeys End Cass Mastertronic Spectrum
Karyssia Queen of DiamondsCass Incentive Software Spectrum
King Arthur's Quest Cass Five Ways Software Spectrum
Legend of Apache Gold Cass Incentive Software Spectrum
Life Term Cass Alternative Spectrum
Lords of Midnight Cass Beyond Spectrum
Machine Code Test Tool Cass Oxford Computer PublishinSpectrum
Magic Castle Cass Gilsoft Spectrum
Manor of Doom Cass King Spectrum
Masters of the Universe Cass US Gold Spectrum "Super Adventure" release
Minder Cass Dk'tronics Spectrum
Mindshadow Cass Activision Spectrum
Mugsy Cass Melbourne House Spectrum
One of Our Wombats is MissCass Zenobi Spectrum
Planet of Death Cass Artic Spectrum
Psytron Cass Beyond Spectrum
Quest for the Holy Grail Cass Dream Spectrum
Rebel Planet Cass US Gold Spectrum
Red Moon Cass Level 9 Spectrum
Redhawk Cass Melbourne House Spectrum
Robin of Sherlock Cass SilverSoft Spectrum
Rogue Trooper Cass Piranha Spectrum
Shard of Inovar Cass Bulldog Software Spectrum
Star Wreck Cass Alternative Spectrum
Super Spy Cass Richard Shepherd SoftwareSpectrum
Terrors of Trantoss Cass Ariolasoft Spectrum
The Castle Cass Bug Byte Spectrum
The Flying Formula Cass ZX Computing Monthly Spectrum
The Hobbit Cass Melbourne House Spectrum
The Hollow Cass Gilsoft Spectrum
The Pettigrew Chronicles Cass Shards Software Spectrum
The Ship of Doom Cass Artic Spectrum
The Snow Queen Cass Mosaic Spectrum
The Very Big Cave AdventurCass CRL Spectrum
Tower of Despair Cass Games Workshop Spectrum
Transylvanian Tower Cass Richard Shepherd SoftwareSpectrum
Urban Upstart Cass Richard Shepherd SoftwareSpectrum
Volcanic Dungeon Cass Carnell Software Spectrum Inner cover is rough at the top
War in Middle Earth Cass Melbourne House Spectrum
Waxworks Cass Adventure International Spectrum "Dixons Pack" release
Woods of Winter Cass CRL Spectrum
Yes Prime Minister Cass Mosaic Spectrum Front film coming away at the top
Asylum Cass Med Systems TRS 80 Cassette only
Bedlam Cass Radio Shack TRS 80 Cassette and large manual
Deathmaze 5000 Cass Med Systems TRS 80 Cassette only
Mission Impossible Cass Scott Adams TRS 80 Cassette only
Strange Odyssey Cass The Software Exchange TRS 80 Cassette only
Colonel's Bequest Other Sierra Hint Book with red lens reader
Everquest Lizardman metal Other Metal miniature
The Daggerfall Chronicles Other Daggerfall Book