info about US Apple II

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info about US Apple II

Hi to all,
I've had in the '90 an apple IIe that I enhanced form myself then I had the bad idea to sell it... Now I'd like to search for another one to use it (program and games) to remember my "good old days".
I have started to searching for an Apple II Europlus (I always dreamed to have one) but I saw there are some limitations with new hardware sold on the WEB. So I decided to return to the IIe.
Here my questions:
I saw a lot of IIe on internet but they came form U.S. and I live in Europe. There are some differences: in Europe we use 220V, in U.S. 110V, we have PAL standard while in U.S. there is NTSC. So if I buy an IIe from U.S. Do I Have to search and change the transformer? Or is there a more simple solution? What about monitor? In Europe we have PAL So Do I have to search for an RGB monitor NTSC or the different standard NTSC and PAL are only for TV and consequentially I can use a monitor for European market on U.S. IIe?

Thanks in advance for Your help!

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Other question

Other RGB monitor same question above regarding composite color or monochrome monitor.

Many thanks

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Tyrins, I would think the Eu

I would think the European version of eBay would have what you are looking for. It is more likely than not that would be your first source. There have been a couple of Euro II's for sale here in the last year, but I have not bid on them. The same with the monitor, printer, or anything else you would need.
Try local newspapers, or check out for sale columns and other websites. You could Google Apple II sales, Europe, and see what comes up.
Good Luck and Have fun. Smile

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Thanks a lot for Your advice:

Thanks a lot for Your advice: I'll try.


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It's working


For the record...

I'm also an european eBayer and I've bought many Apple II from the US.
In fact, you just need a voltage convertor to provide 110V instead of 220V. The video isn't a problem at all : I use a 220V Apple Monitor II without any trouble. Much better : I hooked up the Apple II on my TV using the SVideo plug and it's working in colors (for the same result on an Europlus, you need to add a card).
It's the same the the IIGS : the Apple Color RGB Monitor is working great.

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Re: info about US Apple II

Any recent TV will display either PAL or NTSC through their composite input.

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