SE/30 Coupe - AB Deconstruction . . .

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SE/30 Coupe - AB Deconstruction . . .

Simplest to look first:

I'd like to know if anyone has seen info on removing the CRT related High-Voltage components from SE or SE/30 Analog boards to use one for simple PSU connector/cable conversion and to hold the fan etc.

Same thing for the Classic AB, which would produce a lower profile and less space required in case width if I decide to deep-six the faceplate.

The Classic AB is interesting in that ALL of the PSU, AB, and CRT neck board parts are assembled on a one, single sided PCB, then the corner is snapped off at some point and plugged onto the CRT neck during assembly. Too bad it's made of the butt-ugly PCB stock used for PSUs, the way internal lighting will show thru the SE/30's translucent AB is the main reason for using it at all in the hack, but the Classic AB takes up SO much less cubic.

What parts need to stay and what parts need to safely go away? I'll wind up scanning and documenting the PCBs, but any links to prior hackage would be greatly appreciated.

jt Biggrin