Part I Creating a Laptop OS from a Desktop? | Part II Firewire iBook AV Port?

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Part I Creating a Laptop OS from a Desktop? | Part II Firewire iBook AV Port?

Welp back to hacking... still working on my Firewire iBook with a bad display. (

What I want to do is, load a good OS (hopefully Jaguar) on the iBook HD, with Remote Desktop Client Installed (and running) as well as having AppleTalk sharing On. I hope in the future I will be able to get an airport card in there and manage it remotely as a AV sort of system.

I have the Generic Jaguar OS disks for any system (desktop or laptop), however, the installation configures the OS based on the system its being installed on.

I have been connecting the iBooks HD to my Gigabit system through a laptop HD adapter. The HD shows up fine and I can format, install, etc. etc. However when I installed an OS it configures it based on the system the HD is in. I have tried this with Jaguar and OS 9.2.1 which came with my newer DUAL USB iBook.

Any suggestions on how I might be able to pull this off would be VERY much appreciated.

My second trouble area is with the Audio&Video out. From my knowledge the Firewire iBooks had a combo Video & Audio out port. I purchase the special Apple AV adapter, which ends in RCA. The mini board the AV jack is on indicateds AV. But nothing but Audio is coming out. Does the AV only come on once the system is fully up and opeational? or should I be able to see this earlier? ie Start Up. Think the messed up display has anything to do with it?

Thanks Again....

Shane Hale