HELP!!! My PowerBook Died!

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HELP!!! My PowerBook Died!

I was installing HyperCard and Addmotion onto my PowerBook180, and after the addmotion installation was complete, I restarted, like it told me to, but now whenever I turn it back on, It gives me a system error saying:

Sorry, a system error occurred.
"CameraMan Extension"
Unimplemented Trap

Followed by a restart button, and only a restart button. Is ther some way I can possibly start it in a command prompt or skip the boot of that extension? When I start up the computer it starts loading MacOS and the CameraMan Appears as a puzzle peice, can I somehow skip over that?

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Oops, this should be In Pwer Macs, but I messed up... Blush

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Turn extensions off

There is a way to boot without extensions. I think that you hold "command + S" on startup. Then you might want to remove that "CameraMan" extesion.

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Isn't CMD-S to enter shell-le

Isn't CMD-S to enter shell-level mode in OSX?

The trick I always relied on was holding down the Shift key during start up. With a PB180 doubt I don't its running OSX.

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Yes, it is Shift, not Command-S.

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start up holding down [shift]

start up holding down [shift] ... it should boot up without extensions ... now open the hard disk, system folder, extensions, and drag the file called "CameraMan Extension" (or maybe just "CameraMan" ... have a look) to the desktop ... now restart ... it should boot up fine (dont hold any keys down) ...


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