Quicksilver Cool(ing) Mod

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Quicksilver Cool(ing) Mod


I would appreciate your feedback on the following plan I have for my Quicksilver (2002) Dual 1Ghz.

Stock details:
* One CPU fan, blows in (Sunon 60x60x25mm, 12 Volt, 2.2 Watt, 23.5 CFM, 4500 RPM (max), 33.5 dBA, Heat regulated, P/N:KDE1206PTV)

* One case-fan (temp controlled) at bottom of case, blows out (Sensflow 120x120x25mm (made by Deta Electronics), 12 Volt, 4.32 Watt, 0.44 Amp,
86.52 CFM, 2470 RPM (max), 37.6 dBA, Heat regulated, P/N:WFC1212B)

* One PSU fan, blows out (Protechnic 80x80x25mm MAGIC (made by Sechang Micro), 12 Volt, 0.24 Amp, 38.27 CFM, 3000 RPM (max), 29 dBA, Heat regulated by PSU, P/N:MGA8012HS)

The Plan:
* Leave CPU fan alone
* Reverse case-fan to blow in (loses temp control)
* Replace PSU fan with Papst N/2GM 80mmx80mm, which is quieter but has same CFM
* Cut holes in top of case to accommodate 3x 120mm Acousti fan (http://www.acoustiproducts.com/en/acoustifan.asp).

In doing this, the three new fans can run quietly, but provide the same, if not more, CFM than the noisy Delta original case fan, and lower temps so that the PSU-fan isn't ramped up?

Thanks for any input,